Voices and the battles they face for the benefit of the many not the few. Only together will the needed progress for the future of the misguided and forgotten children can be made. So, paint me the villain and I will show you the strength of my character and the kindness in my heart. We will overcome!

Erik G 2020

I am a servant of the people and I wish to continue this as your President.  Always working with transparency and honesty to all my friends and clients.  As president I would implement my plan to lead by example by showing honesty, courage and respect in my actions.  With a preemptive climate change plan to be up and running ASAP.  I hope to champion a climate, immigration reform and a reenergization to our education systems with paid lunches for all children, higher pay for teachers and a in house daycare as a benefit for teachers nationwide.   All my plans go hand and hand with an open mind to criticism and patience to make a clear and well thought out judgements for the benefit for all new and old citizens of the United States of America. I hope you will join me on my quest to reunite our great country for the true owners of this planet our children.  Father of our country is a powerful phrase that once represented the character of our founding Americans. All presidents should strive to be seen in the light of our founders and is my goal along with living up to them and their proud and unique way they lead our country.

Erik Gerhardt

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